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Questions concerning your Annuity Call the Little Rock Office (Inside Members) @ (501) 664-3713 & NEAP (Outside Members) @ (301) 556-4300
Website to check MEDICAL Information: (Inside Members) & (Outside Members)
ALL MEMBERS need to make sure you update ERTS when there is a change in address, phone number, and or you change home locals. ERTS is the link to where all your benefits/$ is going when you are traveling. This is very important that you keep this up to date at all times. This has to be done on a computer, and you will need your log in and password information. Make sure you are signed up on ERTS as well if you are a NEW MEMBER, or even been a member for a long time and just now maybe starting to travel for work. Very Important.

Memorial For Our Fallen Members

2022 Fallen Members

Joseph Homen - Dec. 25th, 2022
Robert McNeal - Aug, 14th, 2022
John Nevestich - Feb. 8th, 2022
James G Newman - May 23rd, 2022
Douglas Smith - April 28th, 2022
Logan Turner - April 10th, 2022
James Younger - Jan. 24th, 2022

BA Member

Daniel Brown - Dec. 2022

2023 Fallen Members

Jack Fraley - May 16th, 2023
Joe Floyd -            Aug. 2022
Louis Gehring -     Oct. 2022
Richard Sloan -     Sept. 2022
Jerry Stinger -       July 2022
Timothy Whitson - Nov. 2022
BA Member:
Russel Evans -     June 2022
Pamela James -   Dec. 2022
Angelo Roll -         Dec. 2022
Brenda Tolbert -    Sept. 2022